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Why it Can Be Difficult to Eat Healthily in this Modern Age

In anyone's life, their health is one of the most important issues. It becomes even more important when it is impaired by obesity or disease. Once you sift through the myriad of websites and articles regarding the right foods for a healthy body, it actually seems pretty simple to just eat foods that are good for us. Experts tell us, over and over, to eat raw fruits and vegetables. They give us instruction on finding meats that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. They offer alternatives to processed wheat with delicious whole grain breads and pastas. So why is it so difficult for us to maintain a healthy diet? This question plagues dietitians and physicians all over the world. Even though we understand the health benefits of nutritious foods, why do we still choose to eat those foods that are considered unhealthy?

When asked why they do not eat healthy foods, many people answer that they just do not have the time. In the majority of families, both parents work full-time jobs and the children attend school daily. This means that arriving at home after a long work day and preparing a complete dinner is not always simple.

Single parent households seem to have even less time available for meal preparation. With just a single parent available to shop for, prepare and serve each meal, the task can become quite daunting. The process, including clean-up, can take several hours. Ready-made dinners and prepackaged meals are an alternative to cooking an entire dinner, but the cost is pretty high. Many of these dinners offer decent taste but are filled with fat and sodium. For adults and children, this can lead to high blood pressure and many other cardiac issues later in life. Picking up a meal from a restaurant or fast-food establishment is so quick and convenient that it is no wonder that many people choose this option for feeding the family. But again, these foods can be loaded with fat and salt, making them a very unhealthy alternative to homemade meals.

The time that it takes to shop at a farmer's market or whole foods store can also be a limiting factor in dietary health. Many families just do not have the time to drive the extra miles or set aside the day to visit a fresh farmer's market. Many families do not have access to these markets because they are simply not available in their area. Access to whole and organic foods can be difficult, especially when a family lives in an urban setting. Even though there is a health trend toward organic foods and foods purchased during local seasons, not every person has the time or ability to purchase these foods.

Cost is another reason often given when people are asked about their dietary choices. Boxed and canned dinners can be much less expensive than having to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and organic meats. The organic vegetable and fruit trend is definitely a step in the right direction for healthy diets, but the cost can be substantial. Organic items can cost 2 to 3 times more than the standard items in grocery stores. Fresh fruits and vegetables are almost always more expensive than canned or frozen varieties, so how can a family on a budget afford these foods?

Many families, especially at this time, have extremely limited income and this means their food budget can be stretched very thin. Purchasing fresh foods requires several trips to the market or trips to several markets. This means that even more money will be spent in gathering the items required for meals. In this day and age, many people just do not have the money. On a tightly monitored budget, canned and frozen vegetables and fruits will go further than the fresh ones will.

Availability is another issue when it comes to eating healthy foods. If there are no fresh alternatives available, of course a family will turn to frozen or prepackaged foods. Keeping a supply of fresh items in the home comes down to knowing how to shop. Rather than a weekly trip to the market, eating a healthy diet might require more than one trip each week. It is definitely difficult to stock up on fresh items because they do not last as long as canned or frozen alternatives. Without fresh fruits or vegetables in the refrigerator, available snacking options often come down to potato chips or cookies. Making the healthy foods available at all times can substantially change the eating habits of many families, especially families with children.

Often, people are under the assumption that fresh foods do not taste as good as restaurant foods or prepackaged dinners. Many children avoid vegetables like they are some sort of terrible punishment. Studies have shown that children who are given fresh fruit and vegetables from a very young age tend to make healthier food choices as an adult. This can be a gigantic benefit when it comes to health later in life. Children eat what they know and the more they know, the better their choices can be. This means that a variety of fruits and vegetables can be made available to children and they will eventually find foods that they enjoy. Taking the time to find recipes that incorporate healthy choices can make all the difference when it comes to a healthy body as an adult. Once a person finds recipes that he or she enjoys, they can even substitute fresh fruits or vegetables for items within the recipe. Small changes can make huge differences. Just getting used to the taste of fresh foods can take some time but is well worth the effort.

Although it is difficult for people to make healthy food choices in this modern age, it does not have to be this way. Families who take the time to look over their menus and choose healthy food alternatives are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without a lot of difficulty. Many of the excuses that are given as to why unhealthy foods are chosen can be overcome with a bit of preparation and education.

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