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Making Your Meals Fast, Easy and Healthy

One of the most difficult parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is choosing the right foods. What we eat is such an important issue in regards to our health and well-being that it is definitely worth our time to learn about nutrition. Coming up with fast and health meal ideas becomes easier with knowledge and practice. The key to creating nutritious and simple recipes is knowing how to balance the foods in your diet. To begin, you must understand where most people go wrong in their diet choices.

There are many ways to stray off of the path to good nutrition. The easiest way is by allowing yourself to get very hungry. The hungrier you are, the less likely you are to make good choices regarding the foods that you eat. So, to begin learning the easy way to come up with healthy meals, start with your snacking choices. Keep good snacking options handy in your home. Throw away the potato chips and cookies and stock your shelves with fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. When you are hungry, it is much better to reach for a handful of raw nuts than a handful of fried potato chips. These snacks can also be incorporated into your meals and having them on hand will get you used to seeing them and eating them.

Begin a meal by centering not around the meat that you are working with but around the main vegetable. This process requires a little more thought than switching snack foods. Forget everything that you have been taught about meat and meals. Make the vegetable the biggest part of your dinner by making it the largest selection on your plate. Have your veggies trade places with your meats. It sounds simple but this small change will help you to make healthy meals without changing the types of foods that you cook. Next time you make steaks, do not make the steak the highlight of the meal. Use your steak as a side dish. Cut the steak size in half and double the size of your vegetable portions. If you normally make peas or green beans with your steak, concentrate on making those beans or peas more interesting. You can add crisp onions or interesting spices to the vegetables and make the steak the small side dish to your meal.

Substitute olive oil for the butter or shortening in your cooking. Even on bread, in place of butter, olive oil can be both healthy and delicious. Small substitutions can lead to easy and fast meal ideas that have very little saturated fat. Where we often make mistakes is in using high fat and high sodium butter products in our cooking. Healthy meals and simple meals begin with simple ingredients. Olive oil is simply the best oil for cooking. In cases where the flavor of olive oil is not acceptable in a recipe, try using only pure seed oils rather than more processed varieties. Stick to sunflower or
Buy a cookbook that includes recipes for diabetic patients or those battling high blood pressure. These types of cookbooks offer recipes that are simple, nutritious and low in salt, sugar and fats. Even if you do not have any of these health issues, learning these recipes will help to change your taste in food. Getting used to foods that do not contain huge amounts of sodium and fat can take some time, but using these cookbooks will make the changes easy. Often, the recipes include excellent dessert ideas and even snacking options that are out of the ordinary. Cookbooks take the pressure off of you when it comes to creating meals and they also give you a resource when it comes to making a shopping list.

It is easy to come up with fast and healthy meals when you spend time making small changes. Plan your meals at least 1 week in advance. Having a meal plan helps you to stick to the nutritious food options and gives you an idea of what to make before you are rushed into opening canned foods and frying hamburgers. Meal plans also give you a chance to think about the foods that you want for your family and buy them in quantities sufficient enough to cover all meal options. Meal plans are perfect for dealing with health problems because you can automatically avoid the aisles in the supermarket where the "bad" foods are located. Skipping those areas entirely will not only shorten your shopping trip but it will also lower your food bill. Because fruits and vegetables are extremely filling and low in calories, you can pass by the more fattening items in the store.

Try to limit your menu to foods that are only a step or two away from natural. This means sticking to unprocessed foods as much as possible. Fresh vegetables are natural, frozen vegetables are a step away from natural. Canned vegetables are a bit further from natural and processed foods are far from natural. Choose whole grain cereals, pastas and breads rather than products made from enriched flour. Pick fresh fruits instead of canned or frozen fruits but remember that frozen is less processed than canned. Once you begin thinking in this manner, it becomes much easier to gather the foods that are best for you and your family. Remember that the less processing involved, the more likely your food is to be naturally nutritious. This does not necessarily mean that you need to buy only organic foods, but they can be helpful to your meal planning when they are available.

Little changes make creating healthy meals simple. Just like running a marathon begins with a single step, revamping your entire diet begins with small changes. You can make it easier to come up with healthy meals for your family if you begin by changing only one small item on your dinner plate. Switch those canned green beans for fresh green beans and you have begun down the road to a healthier you.

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