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‟Love these! So easy to open and close and easy to clean! Plus reusable containers are so much better for the environment! Win-win!”

̶ Katie S., Tavva Customer

MOST POPULAR: TavvaSnack & TavvaDips sets, ONE PRICE

Tavva Snack set came in three sizes (12oz., 7oz. and 3oz). Tavva Dips set has 3 mini containers of 1.5oz. These are THE best containers! Dishwasher & Oven safe, eco-friendly, reusable & recyclable, durable & lightweight, and BPA free!!! There’s no plastic! Stainless steel and silicone, that’s it! Simple and good 🙌🏼 Totally kid-proof. AND unbreakable!!! 🎊 The perfect vessel to cart all your healthy foods & snacks around with.

$50.00 $100.00

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